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The Links, Incorporated has five program (Facet) areas: The Arts, National Trends and Services, Services to Youth, International Trends and Services and Health & Human Services. These programs are primarily designed to serve the residents of the Greater Cincinnati Area of Cincinnati. We currently include all five of our Facets in our Girls STEAM Academy. 

Girls STEAM Academy

Queen City (OH) Chapter of The Links, Incorporated is focused on creating programs for girls and parents that foster a love for STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Math) curriculum and careers.  In 2014, the Queen City (OH) Chapter of The Links, Incorporated created the Girls STEAM Academy for 6th and 7th graders.  Upon acceptance, the girls remain in the program throughout their 12th grade year of high school.  Currently, there are 51 girls enrolled from 10 different schools.  This is the third year of the program and this year, the girls are 8th and 9th graders.  

Girls STEAM Academy provides fun, exciting and educational enrichment workshops and activities that were designed to

  • increase Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math interest.

  • provide authentic experiences which stimulate and increase STEAM proficiency. 

  • create strong teen leaders who can effectively work with others.

Girls STEAM Academy also provides programs and activities that increase skills in critical thinking, problem solving, innovative thinking, teamwork, collaboration, communication and presentation.

In 2015, STEAM Parent University was created to provide parent workshops to promote strong academic, social and emotional development of the girls as they transition between middle school, high school and college. Our Parent University provides excellent programs and workshops to educate parents and provide support in their efforts to develop their daughter’s skills to become future STEAM scholars.

Queen City (OH) Chapter of The Links, Incorporated’s STEAM programming creates confident leaders and nurtures scholarly young ladies to successfully navigate STEAM subject matter from middle school through college.  Queen City continues to create programming to transform the lives of girls academically, socially, and culturally.

Health & Human Services

In addition to the work we do in our Girls STEAM Academy, we are involved with other Community Health Initiatives where we partner with local community organizations to raise awareness of diseases affecting the African-American community in addition to conducting health and wellness seminars for women.

The Arts


The goal of The Arts facet is to increase and expand art activity. The Signature Arts Program:  Classics Through the Ages was adopted as the signature program of The Arts facet at the 2008 National Assembly.  Classics Through the Ages focuses on increasing the interest, knowledge and participation of African-American youth in the classical arts and is a partnership of The Queen City (OH) Chapter of the Links Incorporated and the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra’s (CSO) Nouveau Chamber Players ensemble.  Nouveau is a string ensemble of middle school and high school African American students who have a passion for classical music.


Nouveau Chamber Players audition each year.  In 2016-2017 they participated in eight performances, including two recitals and a guest appearance at the 2017 CSO Classical Roots concert. Queen City (OH) Chapter of the Links Incorporated support includes assistance with: purchasing supplies and music stands for each student; mentoring support and guidance; financial assistance to participate annually in two Master classes with the Cincinnati Symphony; and reward of scholarships to the University of Cincinnati Conservatory of Music Summer Camps.


The 2016-2017 eleven Nouveau Chamber Players include:


VIOLINS:  Maxwell Fairman, seventh grade, Bethany School; Jaida Lumpkin, eighth grade, Winton Woods Middle School; Louis Searcy, tenth grade, Anderson High School; Lileth Stricklin, tenth grade, Princeton High School; Matteus Thompson, tenth grade, Walnut Hills High School.


VIOLAS:  Eva Pierce, tenth grade, Fairfield High School; Dion Thornton, twelfth grade, Wyoming High School; Noah Torlop, ninth grade, Princeton High School.


CELL0S:  Ethan Mugwara, eighth grade, Clark Montessori High School; Erin Pierce, tenth grade, Fairfield High School.


BASS:  Mariah-Ann Crawley, tenth grade, School for the Creative and Performing Arts.

                             Nouveau Outside Pic
                                                               2016-2017 Nouveau Chamber Players

The Arts are also integrated into the STEAM Academy programs.  The girls engaged in visual art through participation in the Links, Incorporated biennial National Arts Poster competition.  Each Girls STEAM Academy participant completed a poster that visually captured the 2015-2016 theme:  Healthy, Energetic, Active Lifestyles Matter--Make Health a Habit.  The winning poster was submitted as an entry to the national competition.  This project stresses building a holistic approach toward healthy lifestyles and making sure our girls realize that a whole person’s life matters and is affected through the choices they make. Additional art integration will occur when the Girls STEAM Academy participants attend the annual Nouveau Chamber Players’ CSO Classical Roots performance.



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